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About The Improv Collaborative

The Improv Collaborative has been sharing the love of improv in Boulder for over seventeen years. From the seed of a beginner’s class, the first group of improvisors took shape. The class was small, but classmates instantly hit it off. Their burgeoning friendship and shared enthusiasm for improv prompted them to gather between classes to practice their new craft. They continued to get together after the class ended. Word spread, and soon other improvisers wanted to attend too. Sessions were held weekly and attendance steadily grew.

Still, the whole thing was pretty loose-knit. Gatherings were held at the garden level of one of the players' homes. The cost to attend was a bar of chocolate.

The Improv Collaborative expanded the business further, adding team building sessions to corporations. These lively seminars guide participants through exercises specially formulated to reveal untapped talent and release the hidden brilliance within corporate and organizational teams to supercharge their creativity and increase their productivity.

Today, The Improv Collaborative based in Boulder boasts a vibrant, enthusiastic community of over 1,700 members, from rank beginners to honed professionals. Improv Collaborative members include doctors, lawyers, students, entrepreneurs, scientists, farmers, nerds and housewives—a testament to the fact that literally anyone can learn improv.

Rebecca Bradford

Rebecca Bradford

A resident of Boulder for over 30 years, Rebecca Bradford, Founder and Owner of The Improv Collaborative, oversees the educational program by providing improv education through classes, workshop intensives and corporate events. 

Rebecca believes improv is all inclusive and available to people of all levels of experience, community is the foundation of improv, and improv is the key to great relationships. 

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