Improv gets you
out of the box


Become more spontaneous, uninhibited, and creative!


Improv shows are funny, thought-provoking, and a smashing good time!


Make work more spontaneous, courageous, and fun–supercharge your team!


Take an improv class online and expand your mind.

  • Disempower your inner critic; release untapped talent, brilliance, and humor
  • Cast away doubt, pretense, and fear; feel comfortable outside your comfort zone
  • De-activate your emotional reaction to failure; unleash personal joy and enable professional growth
  • Establish a trusting, supportive, environment; build authentic connections

Punch through your comfort zone or just learn to laugh at yourself (and others, of course). Improv increases the joy and laugher in your world, whether you’re playing, learning or watching it. Open play nights, workshops, classes and shows. Secure those bragging rights.

Open Play

Open Play Nights are just what they say: OPEN! Improvisors of all levels, ages and abilities gather once or twice a week to jump into the form. An experienced improvisor leads 8-10 players through a series of improv theater exercises, games and formats for two hours of hilarity and exploration. This is not a class though some side coaching may be given. Space fills up quickly so sign up fast! Audience is welcome.


The 6-week classes are taught by talented, experienced instructors to get your “Yes…and” flowing and creativity rolling.


  • “Oh my gosh. I used to be so stiff and awkward. But improv has changed all that. Since I started taking classes, I’m more engaged, more animated–and my friends say I’m funnier. For the first time in my life, I glow, I tingle, I feel comfortable in my own skin!”

  • “I’m kind of an engineering type; generally more comfortable with numbers and equations than with people. That’s why improv has been so good for me–it has made me explore other parts of myself. I guess I’ll always be a geek, but I think I’m a more fun geek now!”

  • “My sister recommended these classes to me and boy am I glad she did! Since I was a kid, I’ve always been kind of shy. I avoided trying new things and didn’t really like meeting new people. Now, I have the confidence to let the authentic person inside me really shine. Yeah, baby, I found my mojo!”

  • “I was skeptical about improv online. Boy, was I surprised! Even though I’m online all day with work, I was energized and captivated by the games and exercises. The commute to class was easy! Bonus!”


When the day comes that we can perform without masks, witness white hot spontaneity send sparks through the theater!

  • Witness the creativity and magical synchronicity of unscripted performers
  • Experience human connections at a raw, emotional level
  • Stimulate thoughtfulness and insight
  • Laugh your butt off

Here are some of our favorite shows:

Third Thursdays Each month, the best improvisors from Boulder County perform different improv formats.
Student Showcases At the conclusion of each round, students present what they’ve learned to their friends and families.
The Improv Show Performing groups are chosen based on their experience to present extended sets. This is the cream of the crop!
The Grand Jam Individual players are assigned to teams. They are given one hour to practice short form games before they are thrown on stage for a show!
The Slam Teams are randomly picked and invited to perform sets in a short periods of time before the clock slams them off the stage.
Improv Field Trips To see improv is to learn improv. Every now and then a group of Boulder improv lovers gather to see a show outside of the Boulder “bubble”. It’s an adventure!


  • “The performers are so talented! They jam every human emotion into a blender, then run the blender on ‘high’ for an hour and fifteen minutes until it’s overflowing with awesome sauce. Do yourself a favor–catch one of these shows. They’re amazing!”

  • “It was drop dead, laugh-out-loud funny. I don’t know how they do it. I’d be so nervous making things up on the spot in front of so many people, but these people do it like it’s nothing!”

  • “Sometimes the skits are short, sometimes long, sometimes they’re weird, sometimes funny. But they’re always unexpected and a real hoot! It’s like we have our own little Second City right here in Boulder. Well done, Improv Collaborative!”



  • "I love how improv has changed our team. Everybody’s more positive, more open to new ideas, more motivated to solve problems together. Improv hasn’t just made an incremental improvement in our team–it’s been a real game changer for us.”

  • “Looking back, we had no idea know how stuck we were in our ways. We were aiming low instead of high, basically just phoning it in. But since improv has been part of our training program, it really feels like things have shifted, like our team has finally hit its stride.”

  • “Our improv session didn’t feel at all like training, it felt like fun. But the impacts became apparent later on when we entered our brainstorming huddle. Everybody on my team was rocking it...they were generating ideas like crazy! Thanks, Rebecca!”

Release previously untapped talent, brilliance, and productivity. 

  • Cast away doubt, pretense, and fear
  • Release untapped talent, nimbleness, and brilliance
  • Establish a trusting, supportive environment
  • Disempower failure to make ANYTHING POSSIBLE

Everyone can benefit from improv: kids, seniors, families and businesses. The shared experience of exploring improv increases the sense of camaraderie among other good feelings. Our classes can be tailored to your group’s particular needs and size. Boulder Improv Collaborative has many experienced instructors, facilitators and entertainers for your specific needs. We’re not called a collaborative for nothing! Our presentations illustrate our love of improv and our pleasure in sharing it. Give us a shout!


Got an improv group? Thinking about forming one? Want something custom? Timing of our scheduled classes not quite right? We’ve got coaches! Draw out your strengths, improve group dynamics, and discover a format with regular practices and feedback from an experienced improviser.



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